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Spending money is fun, right? Here’s a big ol’ list of all the things we want you to buy! You’ll have so much fun you’ll be broke before you know it!

Maybe you’re not into digital audio formats? Do you only allow sweet, sweet vinyl sound reproduction into your tender ear holes?

We got you covered!

Italy’s Raveup Records have rereleased the extremely rare Abuse EP from 1980, but this time it’s on real heavy duty vinyl, unlike the original’s ‘flexi’ format. it also includes a tune unreleased at the time- Holy Nuggets Batman, what a deal! it’s €6 (exchange rates vary, but that’s around US$7). Send some electronic words to raveup@tiscali.it to get this hottie- but hurry, supplies are limited!



The vinyl reissue of The Tunes EP with six additional songs can grace your turntable for $10!



If modern vinyl’s not your thing, how about a 35 year old slab of power pop perfection?

This is the original four song EP from 1982, and it comes with a vintage Tunes poster and original Leatherwood Studios receipt! It’s only $100!!



What’s that you say? You’re too hip for vinyl? Your exotic tastes prefer the wow and flutter only audio cassettes provide? This is your lucky day!

We have an extremely limited quantity of the original, second Psychic Archie cassette!*

$10 scores this treasure, and includes a vintage Leatherwood Studios receipt.


*disclaimer- we can guarantee the wow and flutter, but seriously, this is a 30 year old cassette and we can’t guarantee the tape won’t snap the first time you play it…


If you’ve read this far, you’re aware The Tunes were a power pop sensation. Just like Mike went on to do amazing things with Psychic Archie, Pat and Steve also went on to create Topeka music history with their next project, Sons of Liberty! The EP ‘In Your World‘ has been unavailable for years- but thanks to The Leatherwood Store it’s finally available for purchase again!

This is the original pressing from 1985, so you know it’s good! Best of all, it’s only $10!



And yes, that’s Topeka guitar legend Ronnie Winters in the picture!

Excerpts from the EP:

Nuclear Neighborhood


Big Surprise


Bill of Rights


Lady in Red


In Your World


Next, here’s one that’s been lost to the annals of time- until now! Leatherwood Studios is excited to announce the release of the Sons of Liberty’s second album, ‘Modern Age’! The follow up album to ‘In Your World’, Steve, Pat, Ronnie and Bret were joined by keyboard whiz Jack Knoeber to make the Son’s big sound even bigger.


Recorded circa ’86-’87, this never saw vinyl back in the day but is here as 320k mp3s for your listening delight.

$10 is all this gem costs!

Feast your ears on this:

Can You See their Faces


Modern Age


Wasted Gifts


Exactly Periodic


All You Angry People


Will There Be Gold


Give Us What We Want


Follow The Leader


Running For Cover




Just look at those handsome guys- straight outta Tiger Beat magazine!

(left to right: Bret Wiley, Jack Knoeber, Ronnie Winters, Steve Seitz, Pat Wempe)


Ooh, here’s a cool one! The Leatherwood Store welcomes The Smiling Eyes! Todd Oliver joins forces with Brian Duvall and Mike Donoho to conjure up some retro awesomeness!FrontCoverWeb

Hear it for yourself:

Love in Motion


Vision of Her


Can’t Stop Thinking


All You Gonna Get is Love


Teenage Crush


Open Wide


Can’t Buy Time




Summer of Love


Happiest Sad Man


We’re The Smiling Eyes



As always, email us at psychicarchiex@gmail.com for purchase and download links!



There are more goodies in the pipeline, stay tuned!

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  1. I bought “the tunes” vinyl off of Discogs. I would like to buy the Psychic Archie cassette now. It’ll be the THIRD copy I’ve owned.

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