Abuse (the band)

At the same time Mike was playing with The Tunes, Clay and Chris were playing with Willie McNeil in one of Topeka’s first punk bands, ‘Abuse’. They had a three song flexi-disc released in Bill Rich’s legendary fanzine Talk Talk in 1980.

Fun Fact: Abuse recorded the tracks at Mike’s home studio- he’s even singing backup on ‘In America’!

Here’s song snippets from this floppy gem…

photo 1

In America

No Money

Love is Alright

And now for the first time since 1981, the song ‘All I Wanna Do’! It was recorded for the flex-disc but not released.


Willie went on to do great things- check out his web site at williemcneilmusic.com to get a taste of what he’s been up to.


Here’s a music video for ‘In America’- it’s just like MTV, but completely different.

Abuse- ‘In America’


On the ‘Leatherwood Store’ page there’s info on how to get the remastered EP on CD.


UPDATE: Italy’s ‘Rave Up Records’ just made a deal to re-release all four songs on vinyl, and it’s out now! Contact Raveup at raveup@tiscali.it to get your copy!




2 thoughts on “Abuse (the band)

  1. I never said I didn’t like money…
    love is alright if ya aint got nothing better ta do…
    better than anything on the voice I swear

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