The Tunes (the band)

Before he was in Psychic Archie, Mike was the guy behind Topeka power pop band The Tunes. Their EP ‘Elevator’ is an expensive collector’s item on ebay now; lucky for y’all Cheap Rewards Records has reissued it on vinyl!

Here’s a link to the Cheap Rewards Records blog with much more info about Mike and The Tunes.


The ten song reissue album is available for $15, send an email to to get more information.

The original(!) four song EP is still available for $100, and it also includes an original Tunes poster suitable for framing!

Mike recorded the album in his own home four-track studio, at a time when having a home studio was not very common. He recorded many Topeka original bands there (yes, there were quite a few!), including Abuse.


Listen to clips of the Tunes’ tunes…



Crowded Heart


Too Proud


She’s Mad


Love Uncool


When I Think About You


I Don’t Wanna See


New Freedom




Fits Like a Glove


Here’s the last song The Tunes ever recorded:

This song was a transition period for Mike, as it showed him heading towards the harder edged sound fully realized by Psychic Archie. On Psychic Archie’s first cassette release this song was included as it fit the tone of the rest of the album, but in fact it’s actually The Tunes!

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