The Smiling Eyes Have Hit the Scene!


The Smiling Eyes may just live in an alternate universe where time stopped around 1972. This CD is chock full of catchy classics that have never been heard in this universe before- all of which could fit right into the sound coming out of an AM car radio in pop-rock’s golden era of ’65 to ’71!

Todd Oliver is the man behind The Smiling Eyes. Being equally at home on guitar or a *real* Hammond B3 is impressive enough, but his vocal and harmony arrangements practically define the term ‘wall of sound’!

Brian Duvall handles the skins- always in the pocket, a true master of finding the perfect beat to fit the song.

Leatherwood Studio’s own Mike Donoho himself lays down that big guitar sound he’s legendary for- king of the jangly hook.

Produced by Donoho using vintage equipment and analog recording gear, these tracks are as sonically exciting as the songs themselves!

Go get out your bell bottoms and headbands, fire up some incense, and take a trip with The Smiling Eyes…

This retro treasure is remarkably affordable, too! $10 (+s&h to your locale) for the CD, $8 for the 320k mp3s.

Here’s a link to The Leatherwood Store that has clips from all the songs:

The Leatherwood Store Big List

contact for purchase details!

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