The Album That Never Was… Now Is!


Leatherwood Studios is excited to announce the release of Sons of Liberty’s second album, Modern Age! Recorded circa ’86-’88, this has been hidden away the the vaults… until today!

 The follow up to ‘In Your World’, ‘Modern Age’ sees Steve, Pat, Ronnie and Bret joined by Jack Knoeber, completing the classic lineup that would bring a new era of original rock to Topeka. Taking the sound and message brought to life on their first release, ‘Modern Age’ brings it into laser focus, showing the band at it’s best.

For examples of the tunes go to The Leatherwood Store, where the clips are playable from your browser. The Leatherwood Store

To own this fine release in sparkling 320k mp3 format *and it’s only $10*, contact us at for purchase and download links.

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