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Documentary about The Outhouse

Brad Norman is creating a fantastic documentary about The Outhouse, an amazing and unlikely band venue just outside of Lawrence, Ks. Psychic Archie’s footage from a January ’86 gig at The Outhouse is being included in this project, and the band couldn’t be prouder!

Here’s the link to the doc’s homepage, check it out. It was really a one-of-a-kind place, and deserves to be remembered.



Looking For Pictures!

In conversations with the members of Psychic Archie, we discovered they only know of a single photo of the band* from back in the day! If anybody out there in internet-land has any, please let us know- it would help dress up this very boring website….


*yes, there are pictures on the ‘meet the psychic archies’ page but they’re screen grabs from a live video, not the single known pic. Whatever.

(mining the past)

Back from the cornfield.

Back in the mid-80’s, Psychic Archie put out two cassettes (vinyl was expensive) and the master tapes for those recently resurfaced under mysterious circumstances. They’ve been digitally remastered (using computers!), and will be available for purchasing, streaming, and pirating soon.

Also coming very soon are a handful of vintage videos from the band, including a real-life music video- were those guys cool or what?

much more life-changing news to follow…

(hardly life-changing)